Web Designing Course in Coimbatore

The Web Designing Course offered in Coimbatore provides a comprehensive curriculum aimed at equipping students with proficient web designing and development skills. Led by industry professionals, the course covers essential concepts and tools while also focusing on developing key skill sets such as communication, teamwork, and interpersonal skills to ensure students excel in their field.

Here's what the course includes:

• In-depth learning of HTML encompassing HTML texts, styles, tables, and forms.

• Introduction to HTML5, covering form elements, audio and video handling, HTML5 APIs, and web workers.

• Comprehensive understanding of CSS, CSS3, and advanced CSS for responsive layouts and media queries.

• Introduction to the Bootstrap framework, emphasizing responsiveness, Bootstrap grids, and UI components including buttons, tables, menus, carousels, dropdowns, and alerts.

• Extensive coverage of JavaScript, covering its structure, elements, operators, functions, control structures, the document object model (DOM), DOM manipulation using JavaScript, JavaScript events, and UI element animation.

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