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Website update & maintenance is essential to make sure the website is in good health and it remains smooth running. Dev Digital Marketing Agency in Coimbatore diagnosis of the overall performance needs to be done on a timely basis to not lose out on customers, clients, and business. We offer services in website update & maintenance taking the burden off you so that you can focus on other important details. We do Website update & maintenance at the most affordable cost. We take care of your website maintenance and give you reports as and when you require to be sure the website is performing very well. We run and monitor your website regularly and run diagnosis to ensure perfect health of your website.

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Our services include

We are providing annual website maintenance managing tasks such as updating website content and website images, adding new products, creating new pages, and optimizing HTML and CSS code for improved performance.

Content Editing

Website Update links

New page addition

Blog updates

Image Uploading

Videos Uploading

Mobile Compatibility

Browser compatibility

Security Maintenance

Hosting and Email services

Website Backup Service

Update CSS styling( colors, text size, font)